Excerpt from data found during initial user research. The primary focus of the initial user research included surveys of ‘makers’ in general, not just quilters. This survey consists of answers from both quilters and non-quilters. I chose to not focus on only quilting-specific groups in order to test the idea that a quilting website with resources that are familiar to those who also have interests in related activities, could potentially encourage crossover into the world of quilting. Perhaps a well-designed, and easy-to-use site with the right resources will make the topic more approachable to beginners while also catering to an existing demographic. This was the basis behind many of my questions, which was intentional in my effort to gather a variety of responses and depart from answers that might have been anticipated.

Using responses and data from the user survey, I was able to establish three primary personas of users who would potentially be visiting the proposed site. This is Amy, one of the three quilter personas.

After developing the quilter, Amy's, persona, I went on to create an empathy map of possible user flows - or paths - that she might take through the website to better define her goals and experience. This is Amy, one of the three quilter personas.

Top-level development for website site map.

Initial wireframe based on sitemap; precursor to interactive prototype.

Design prototype based on initial sitemap and wireframes. This and following few screens are from interactive mockup for user testing.